The Artist Catalogue


The Artist Catalogue, Summer 2014,  Volume 3, Issue 2 Image is courtesy of the

The Artist Catalogue, Summer 2014,
Volume 3, Issue 2. Image is courtesy of the


It’s been a while, since I announced my involvement with The Artist Catalogue, and my excitement hasn’t waned. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the publication of the summer issue, since early April. TAC is a quarterly publication highlighting writers and visual artists; with each issue curated to represent the breadth of talent across the nation. Included within this issue are four writers and twelve visual artists, including myself.

I’m pleased to announce that the summer issue has arrived. My involvement with TAC has been a wonderful experience. Its humbling and rewarding to see my relief and print work published side-by-side.

With each reading, I discover new things. Recently, I’ve been lost in the works of Yang Xiaohua. I strongly suggest taking a moment, or two, when viewing Rickshaw; you’ll be happy you did so. The Summer Issue of The Artist Catalogue is available for download, printed catalogues are offered on an annual basis.


The Artist Catalogue

In late March, I received notification that I will be one of twelve featured artists in the Summer Issue of The Artist Catalogue. This quarterly publication highlights emerging artists in varying disciplines.

I have long appreciated the curatorial efforts evident in each issue; as I have discovered and followed the development of these selected artists.

My interview wrapped-up yesterday and my excitement for May to arrive has increased tenfold.