Ready to Move: Packing and Transporting Art

Packing, transporting, and installing artwork presents an array of  things not necessarily thought of, if you haven’t had prior experience in doing it. Let me provide my disclaimer now, each time I pack, transport and/or install artwork, I tweak my approach. Building upon what worked in prior ventures, necessary adaptations are made where needed. In doing this, each run is better. What can I say, you learn best by doing. The list of things on my checklist included:

  • Final visual inspection of art;
  • Labels;
  • Packing all hanging mechanisms;
  • Storage/stacking notations;
  • Installation instructions;
  • Seals;
  • Supportive braces; and,
  • Protective barriers, (i.e., foam crates)

These last few days were spent finalizing the last of these loose ends, in order to transport my work for the Yeck Fellowship Exhibition.

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With things packed tightly within the car, I made a success venture into Dayton and dropped off my work. I was thankful that the day was pleasant, (yeah for no rain), and I could make the treck with the windows down. This breeze not only felt good but helped to drown out the sound of rubbing styrofoam. I admit that this sound gives me chills and is in my top ten irritants, however on this day, it was easy to overlook.

Destination made, artwork dropped off… deep breath!