Yeck Sessions 3D

The Yeck Scholarship/Fellowship is approaching a close.

The studio is at a fevered pitched, everyone intent to get their work to a state of completion. There is a daunting amount to be done; this is due, in part, to it being the very first go at subtractive processes, and with anything new come a learning curve.

The studio is fairly quite. Students are working hard, sweat gathering on their brow, as a flush spreads across their face. With the work that lays before them, there are no complaints to be heard; this is something to be enjoyed. There is a push/pull relationship being demonstrated, energy is being expended but with that comes a sense of satisfaction, fulfillment; there is nothing quite like it.

Yeck Sessions 3D

Throughout the progression of the Yeck sessions, the fellows have stressed craftsmanship and application of technique. That said, one of the most important things we would like these budding artists to leave with is to work consistently  This cannot be taught, it must be acquired through the experience. Whatever your media, the work is a process, it is on-going and not likely to be finished within a small window of time.

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Ultimately, each student is eager to show the fruits of their labor.  Over this term they have each acquired a nice sampling of pieces. Its safe to say that we are all excited for the Yeck Exhibition Reception.