Yeck Sessions: 3D

As sessions continue, the Yeck Scholarship recipients have transitioned rather smoothly from two-dimensional studies into three. The progression of each session carrying specific challenges, all intended to introduce new processes and techniques.

A skill set often overlooked is that of critical observation.  Seeing the space occupied and developing an understanding of spatial relationships. Over time this skill becomes more acute, which is all the more reason to instill the habit sooner rather than later. Ultimately it is the best tool to a budding artist can use to be more responsive to their work. You can say this again and again, eventually it will take root!

Yeck Session- Foam Lamination Prep

It can be challenging, even a little intimidating, when you’re just beginning. Everyone receives a 12” x 15” stack of laminated foam. The focus of these sessions is subtractive.

Yeck Studio Session 3D: Foam

The beginnings are cautious, everyone is quite selective and carful in what mass is carved away. Slowly foam pieces are floating in the air, drifting down to the floor and accumulating at our feet.

Students began to see the mutually dependent  relationship within the subtractive process. Evidence of this was heard in  conversations throughout the studio; comment were made in regards to the surprising ammount of foam that can be removed, quickly followed by the realization that it is easier to remove material than it is to add it back.

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