Ventures in Joinery

I have willfully avoided miter cuts for far to long. This is not something I’m proud of, but will admit. Until recently, this type of joinery was something I thought would be a monumental task, but was pleased to find that I was wrong.

Regardless of my inner monologue, ‘ a butt joint could look nice...,’ you untimately know what is necessary for your work and will do what it takes to achieve it. From an aesthetic point of view, miter cuts are clean and precise, exactly what I desired.

Armed with a few tools, wood and measurements, a test cut was done.

MIter Box

There was some trial and error, a given in any learning process. After adjusting measurements, allowing for tight fittings, a successful joint was achieved. Before I knew it, sixteen miter cuts were done, each piece of wood paired with it’s other half.

This wood will of course be painted and the joinery may go un-noticed, but I’ll know.


A new skill set in my tool belt.