Yeck Sessions- 3D

Most of the Yeck Scholarship recipients have done minimal, if any, three-dimensional artwork. Throughout the sessions numerous discussions about their work and preferences have occurred. While some expressed interest in sculpture, most wanted to hold tightly to their current practices, (i.e., drawing, paintings, etc.).

Since this was new, we decided to begin with an additive process. Over the course of two sessions the students would work on a planer self-portrait, using cardboard. With a little explanation, a demo, they were off and cutting.

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Its an interesting perspective to have, because we’ve all been there at some point. You see these ah-ha moments come across their faces as they approach a self-portrait in a completely new manner. The realization of space and how to translate what your seeing with your eye into a physical study, its challenging. I think most would agree, there is an immediate sense of gratification that comes with cutting something off that just isn’t working.

A few of them may be hooked, there is photographic evidence of smiles.