In the Mix

Although the thermometer outside is reading a frigid 34-degrees, I have the feeling of energy and liveliness that is  usually accompanied with the onset of Spring. This liveliness is almost cyclical in nature, energy feeding into the studio and yielding both experimental and satisfying work.

There are a number of things in the mix, some of which being Yeck studio instruction, advancements in sculptural work for the Yeck Fellowship Exhibition, on-going development of doppelganger prints, and involvement within  several local shows.

Forcast is Clear can currently be seen at Rosewood Gallery’s Works on Paper, open until March 8th.  Two new prints, one of which being Doppelganger I,  will be included within the Dayton Society of Painters and Sculptors 8th Annual Print Show, opening March 1st.

8th Annual Print Show, DSPS Works on Paper, Rosewood Gallery