Research & Patience

With this new year I’ve taken some time to refocus my approach on how I work. Work with purpose, be selective, and absorb the lessons as they are presented.

Lesson of the Week: Research & Patience.

I am process oriented; its a fact and I embrace it. The beginnings of a piece are just as consuming and exciting as the  resulting work. My process consists of working a bit, jotting down my thoughts, working some more…repeat.

Plastics and silicone rubbers have been an ever present topic within our household for the last couple weeks. After some time,  I’ve finally decided on which types/strengths to begin with. Now this is where my impatience begins to show. The supplies have been decided and I must demonstrate an adult level of patience while waiting on the delivery. It would be so nice if teleporters existed. Is that really too much to ask for!

In the mean time I will wait… check the track and listen for rumblings of the UPS truck. My level of excitement only increases the feeling of longevity.