Hocking Hills

I make lists, a lot of lists; I like the structure they create, a visual grid on paper, despite whatever the content. The list I left on my kitchen counter included: hiking boots, bug spray; apples; pencils; and sketchbooks.

In just over two hours I had made my way into Southeastern Ohio, to Hockng Hills. There is no cellular service, no wifi, and when I open the door of the cabin , all I hear are the sounds of the woods. The plan was to hike, sketch, enjoy good company, and reconnect with myself.

There never seemed to be a good time, but sometimes you need to add yourself to the ‘list.’

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Everywhere I looked I saw a palette of color, captivating surface textures, and layering of earth. Its so nice to be in the elements when I’m sketching. There is so much history, who knows who has hiked a trail before you, what their thoughts were, and what their life was like.  I hope that those before and after me, appreciate this beautiful land. I hope to visit again, preferably when its cold and icy.

Photographs within this post are courtesy of Rodney O’Dell, http://www.rodneyodellphoto.com.