Four Ohio Coop 2012

Whirlwind would be the best and most accurate way to describe the past two weeks; an abundance of stimulus, resulting in what feels like an unending stream of inspiration.

Allow me to start at the beginning….the Four Ohio Coop 2012.

There are four printmaking cooperatives in Ohio: Tiger Lily, in Cincinnati; the Dayton Printmakers Cooperative, Dayton; Phoenix Rising, Columbus; and, Zygote Press, in Cleveland. The Four Ohio Coop is an annual conference which allows for artist talks, demonstrations, networking, panel discussions, etc. The atmosphere is relaxed, conducive to conversation and sharing of techniques.

Joined by other DPC members, I was able to the following events: Master Printmaking Demo with Bob Tauber; Print Viewing at the Columbus Museum of Art; Artist Talk with Kathy McGhee at Phoenix Rising; and, Exhibition Opening Reception for Time and Place and Peripheral Vision. 

It is difficult to do justice in capturing all the exchanges and featured events,  however I must note that Bob Tauber, Master Printer and Book Arts Specialist, offered a wealth of information on photopolymer printing processes. Additionally, the private print viewing held at the Columbus Museum of Art was particularly special. This was an opportunity for extended viewings of prints from the masters. Sketches and notations were made concerning several prints, but one that took deep resonance was Rockwell Kent’s Mountain Climber. Kent’s print stopped me in my tracks, I have since began studying his extensive body of work.

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By the time the exhibition reception began for Time and Place and Peripheral Vision, I was literally brimming with creative juices. The DPC was nicely represented in Peripheral Vision and a number of works were shown from Dayton artists in Time and Place; I’m proud of all the Ohio artists featured in these shows.

For further information concerning the Time and Place and Peripheral Vision exhibitions, currently on display at Urban Art Space, visit:

Ohio Printmaker Cooperative information can be referenced at the following: The Dayton Printmakers Cooperative,; Tiger Lily,; Phoenix Rising,; and Zygote Press,