DPC- Relief Workshop- Day 1

The Dayton Printmakers Cooperative just concluded the last printmaking workshop of the summer season. This workshop, centered around relief printing processes, was jointly hosted by Andrea Starkley, Sherraid Scott and Kim Vito.

Day 1 

Materials Used and Mentioned

Woodblock: Shina Plywood

Papers:  Masa; Mulberry; and,  Shin-Torinoko

Ink: Akua inks, no modifiers added.

Andrea’s demonstration focused on moku hanga, a traditional Japanese woodblock printmaking process. Time was devoted to explaining the purpose and techniques of using a key block, transferring an image, ink application, and use of the baren. Beyond the demo, Andrea shared how she came to find moku hanga, why she is drawn to this form of printmaking, and a portfolio of her prints.

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One of the things I enjoy the most is listening to an artist talk about their work. This exchange reveals so much about the artist, the passion for what they do, and the reasons decisions are made within the work. The dialog between our host and the participants was open and refreshing.

On a side note, I particularly like the sound the baren makes as paper is burnished against the woodblock.

For additional information and works by Andrea Starkey visit:

http://starkeyart.com or http://www.starkeyart.blogspot.com.