Yeck Fellowship

I often check my e-mail just before settling into bed for the evening, more often than not, this only prolongs me from actually getting to sleep. Little did I know, that in the midst of my nightly routine, I would open my inbox and see something wonderful. I am one of the recipients of the 2013 Yeck Fellowship. It took a few minutes for this to fully register, but once it did I was I was happily wide awake.

It will be interesting to see the progression of things in the coming months, but in the meantime here is a little background into Yeck….

The Dorothy Myers Yeck Scholarship Program, Yeck High School Scholarship, and Yeck College Artist Fellowship are endowed by the Dorothy and Bill Yeck Education Endowment of the Dayton Art Institute. Receipt of the Yeck Fellowship allows the Yeck Fellows to provide studio instruction to high school students who have a vested interest in furthering their skills as artists.

For more information about Yeck and and the Dayton Art Institute, DAI, visit