DPC – Monotype & Drypoint Workshop- Day 2

Day 2: Drypoint and Monoprints

Materials Used:

Plate: Plexiglass

Paper: Stonehenge

Ink: Akua, no modifiers

I came prepared for this session, fueled with several cups of irish tea and a freshly scribed plate.  My goals were purely experimental: I wanted to play with marks and see how I could enhance the image by working the application & selective removal of ink.

This session began with a demo: Kevin is well versed in printing methods & processes, bringing a wealth of skill to the table. There were roughly eight participants in this workshop, some of which I have known for years while others I’ve just begun working along side. I love working in the studio, recently this has been in the evenings when the studio is less crowded, but it was refreshing to see all of this activity.

A few proofs for your viewing pleasure.

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