DPC – Collagraph and Intaglio Workshop- Day 1

I have been looking forward to the workshops at the Dayton Printmaker Cooperative, DPC, for several weeks now. This workshop, Collagraph and Intaglio, is the first in DPC’s summer curriculum and was lead by co-op president, Aaron Ardell. This is my first experience with collagraph and I was chomping at the bit to get started. I did some brief research into collagraph and found that there are a lot of similarities between creating a collagraph and creating a relief; the exception would be that collagraph is both additive and subtractive.

Day 1:

Aaron provided some historical perspective of collagraph, introduced us to the materials available for use, and let us begin building our compositions. I knew going into this that I was going to investigate the variety of textures I could create and the range of tones I could achieve.

Materials Used:

Plate (matrix): Mat board sealed w/ gesso and polycrylic;

Adhesives: Caulking, elmers glue, etc.;

Abrasives: Sandpaper;

Sealants: Minwax polycrylic in satin, gloss and semi gloss finishes; and,

Miscellaneous: Fiber, dry organic material, Golden Gel Mediums, etc.

Of the three plates I worked on, I decided that the first would be organized into a grid and the other two would be organically composed.

After the last coat of sealant was applied the plates needed to cure, so printing will occur on day 2. We’ll see how they turn out, I think I have an idea of where my tonal values will be within the compositions, but you really don’t now until you proof. Ah, anticipation!

For more information on the Dayton Printmakers Cooperative and the summer workshop curriculum visit, http://www.thedaytonprintmakers.com.