DPC – Collagraph and Intaglio Workshop- Day 2

Day 2 of the collagraph and intaglio workshop.

I got an early start Sunday morning; armed with coffee, I was out the door before the house was up and running to see how my plates would proof.  I wasn’t the only one either, as workshop and summer members arrived I could tell that everyone was ready to print.

Materials Used:

Paper: Lenox Paper

Ink and Modifiers: Akua Inks, Plate Oil #1, and magnesium carbonate powder.

Aaron began today’s session with a demo on the intaglio inking process.



This part was familiar to me, but its always nice to observe a pro at work.

Although this looks like ingredients for a brownie recipe, it isn’t. I opted to use Akua’s Van Dyke Brown to proof my plates.



Not too bad for the first round of proofs, although there is always room for improvement. I’ll continue experimenting with plates 1 & 2. Hopefully by adding some more fiber paste and semi-gloss sealant I can get a wider tonal range.

Pretty nice way to spend a weekend!