Weekly Progress

It has been a bit since I last posted, busy week.

A quick run down….

Monday: Worked on sketches for sculptures and picked a few art books from Half-Price.

Tuesday: Reviewed financial aid prospects; prepared a copper plate for a drypoint; and, watched a couple videos on plaster techniques.

Wednesday: Talked some business; attended a meeting at WSU; and, researched Anthony Caro.

Thursday: Picked paper for prints and had a car accident. The car accident could have been worse, but still left counting my blessings.

Friday: Worked on drypoint.

Saturday & Sunday: Studio time at the Dayton Printmaking Cooperative; prepared for summer term; photographed artwork; and, getting prepared for my future outside of WSU.

I know everyone has busy schedules, we all have a different story and situation. My point is simple, working continuously and making progress lead to good things. I’m working toward my dream!