Teachable Moments

What a week… and it’s only Friday. I had an opportunity to attend DVAC’s gallery talk for Limitless View (Stefan Chinov & Craig Lloyd), as well as this evening’s event at Rosewood Gallery.

Rosewood hosted a lecture and slip casting demo by the artists currently on exhibition (Eileen Woods, Stephanie Craig, and Todd Leech).

It was such a treat to hear from others in the field and get a sense for their thought processes and techniques. Going to these events is such a learning experience, Each time I walk away with a little more know-how. It could be an introduction to a new material or technique, but in this instance I was able to hear the intention, inspiration, and thoughts behind the pieces on display. When that happens my impressions of the work change, and I often develop a greater endearment for the work and appreciation for the artist. Teachable moments, it doesn’t get any better than that.

That being said, tomorrow is devoted to studio work. I’m hoping to make significant progress on my plaster column and get a nice start on my fiber/plaster piece.