Springfield Art Museum’s 66th Annual Members’ Juried Exhibition

The Springfield Art Museum is holding their 66th Annual Members’ Juried Exhibition. Opening reception is on Saturday,March 31, 2011, and the exhibition closing is on May 6, 2011.

I submitted two of my most recent prints: one etching and one dry point. The etching, Piles II, is a still like of assembled objects, flowers and vegetables. I am proud of the surface textures I achieved within this composition: the papery skin of an onion, frailty of flower petals, etc. Throughout the process of creating this print, I continued to push the tonal variances, and I think that the subtle shifts of tone really add a rich, dimensional quality.

The dry point, Flowers and Radishes, was my first print from a  copper plate. I think the most compelling element when working with copper if the furry line that can be achieved. The line is both rigid and soft, which works well with the still life I created. When working, I found myself touching the copper matrix just to feel the raised burr.

My hope is that I am recognized by the juror. That being said, I will be equally content if a viewer of the exhibition sees my pieces and walks away feeling a little more enriched.